Beach of Sarti

The picturesque Sarti beach, honored with the Blue Flag, stands out as a favored tourist hotspot. Stretching over 2.8 km, it's one of the longest in the region. The pristine white sands and the turquoise waters of Sarti add a distinctive charm to the pine-clad peninsula.

Within a short distance from the villa, our guests will find beaches for every taste, some equipped with beach bars, others serene and secluded, as well as beaches with shallow and warm waters, perfect for families. The crystal-clear waters and golden sandy shores rival even the most exotic destinations. At several of these beaches, the forest meets the sand, offering not only natural shade but also the invigorating scent of pine.

Beach of Armenistis

Located 13.3 km north of Sarti is the stunning Armenistis beach. Spanning 600 meters, this beach boasts crystal-clear turquoise waters and fine sand. It features a well-organized camping area named after the beach itself.

The sand here is so brilliantly white that it can even be spotted on Google Earth's satellite images.

The coast is painted with vivid shades of turquoise, creating a stunning contrast against the deep blue of the sea beyond. From the beach, guests are treated to a direct view of Mount Athos. As the day breaks, one can witness a breathtaking sunrise silhouetting the mountain. Despite its secluded nature, the location frequently hosts a variety of summer events, including concerts and lively beach parties.

Kavourotrypes - Portokali

Approximately 6.7 kilometers north of Sarti, there is a mesmerizing coastline that stretches for over 5 kilometers, with several small beaches.

White sandy shores are nestled among unique rocky formations and cliffs, while they meet the green natural surroundings of Sithonia, offering a tropical sensation. Among these beaches, only Portokali has a beach bar, while the others provide tranquility and untouched beauty.

Beach of Platanitsi

About 5.8 kilometers north of Sarti, you will find Platanitsi, known for its eponymous camping site.

The beach is divided by a small stream in its center, while its turquoise waters and the impressive view towards Mount Athos enchant the visitors.

Beach of Agridia

Journey 6.1 km south of Sarti, and you'll find a gravel path leading to Agridia beach after about 1.5 km. This isolated bay remains a well-guarded secret.

Flanked by mountainous terrain on either side, it's reminiscent of a corridor opening up to the vast sea. Its golden sands meet the sea, forming one of Sithonia's most stunning landscapes.

Sykia Beach

About 8.2 km south of Sarti lies the Skala of Sykia, boasting an expansive 1500-meter beach. While the seaport village of Sykia sits slightly inland, the beach itself is a mix of tranquil, sparse areas and bustling sections with organized beach bars.

With shallow waters on one end, it's perfect for young families.

Beach of Kalamitsi

Located roughly 15.5 km south of Sarti, Kalamitsi encompasses a bay with three beaches. The second beach stretches 450 meters and offers amenities for visitors.

Notably, carved rock sculptures add intrigue, while fine sands and turquoise waters remain its defining features.

Monastery Agios Panteleimon

The monastery, also known as "Russian" or "Ruse," sits nestled in a cove between monasteries Xenofontos and Daphne. Established by the seaside in 1765, its history is rich, once having more Greek than Russian monks. However, by 1497, the number of Russian monks grew, marking a shift in its population.

Monastery Megistis Lavras

The majestic monastery of Great Lavra stands on a cliff's plateau. A short walk from the beach, its history intertwines with the establishment of monasticism on Mount Athos. Founded by the monk Athanasios in 963, it stands as a testament to monastic architecture and devotion.

Monastery Zografou

Hidden on a forested slope, this monastery remains unseen from the shore. Established in the 10th century, its foundation story involves a miraculous image of Saint George. Over the years, it's experienced both growth and hardship, but remains an integral part of Mount Athos's religious tapestry.

Monastery Simonos Petra

The seven-tiered Simonopetra Monastery stands as a marvel of monastic architecture. Perched on a sheer cliff, it commemorates its founder's vision with its dedication to the Birth of Christ. Its founding legend and subsequent history highlight its significance within Mount Athos's monastic community.